1.2x50/8x20-12P 2Ω:

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Surge Combination Tester
12kV 2Ω Grounded Output

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MegaPulse 1.2×50/8×20-12 combination tester, 2Ω,  12kV

Designed & Built in the USA

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The MegaPulse 1.2×50-12P ±2Ω is our 12kV, 6kA combination tester, with a 30 second cycle time. It can produce a combination test waveform at 2Ω from 500V to 12kV, in tolerance with EN 60060.

For example, the MegaPulse 1.2×50/8×20-12P ±2Ω Surge Tester is specifically designed to perform the Impulse Test on transient overvoltage limiting devices in accordance with EN 61010, Para. 14.9, Table 17 and Table 18. This tester can perform all the tests shown in Table 17 at either 2 or 12 ohms as shown in Table 18. The output is in accordance with the published waveform from 500-12000V peak (open and short circuit). The tests can be done with a 30 second or longer wait between pulses, well within the Standard requirement of 1 minute or less. A 12Ω tap is provided for testing Category II devices in accordance with Table 18, in accordance with the Standard. The 12Ω tap will be in accordance with the tolerances of the voltage waveform only, as allowed by the Standard.

The MegaPulse 1.2×50/8×20-12P ±2Ω is equipped with a relay allowing switch selected polarity output. With the switch selected polarity output, users may opt for computer control via our option TestMinder MegaPulse, or PLC guided operation with our Relay Isolated Control board. Some users may not need this level of automation in their testing, and we can accommodate them with our model MegaPulse 1.2×50/8×20-12P 2Ω.

The tester charges in less than 30 seconds. Sold with a one year warranty and calibrated to NIST Standards. A2LA Cal available at extra charge.

Pos/Neg polarity, grounded output, 500V min, 12Ω tap; not for use with CDN. 30 sec duty cycle, <30 sec. charge time.