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Calibration & Repairs

Customer Calibration and Support

Compliance West USA quality does not end with your purchase – it continues with the best customer support in the business.

This page contains information on how to obtain calibration service from us on equipment manufactured by Compliance West USA. We cannot offer calibration services on equipment manufactured by others.

Calibration Services and Prices:

We calibrate your tester to factory specifications using test equipment traceable to the NIST.

A calibration certificate, calibration worksheet and a calibration tag affixed to the tester is provided. We will ship your tester back to you using the same level of service you used to ship it to us, unless otherwise instructed. (For example, if you send it to us using UPS Ground service, we will return it using UPS Ground service.) Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. If you wish us to use your shipper number to return the calibrated tester, please advise us and we will do so.

We do not offer calibration to ISO 17025 Standards. We perform our calibrations to the requirements of MIL-STD-45662-A and ANSI Z540.

Prices, lead times and expedite fees are below, lead times shown are estimated, always contact us for current lead time.

  • LCB
    • Any single config LCB $175 (5days) + $120(24hrs) + $350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • 1010-A, 1010-B, 990   $275 (5days) + $120(24hrs) + $350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
  • HTT1
    • Any HTT1            $150(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
  • HT
    • HT-2000              $210(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • HT-2800              $210(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • HT-3000              $210(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • HT-4200              $220(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • HT-2800PV2-RF $220(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • HT-3500S-RF      $220(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • HT-5000              $220(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $375(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • HT-3500              $220(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $375(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • HT-10KV              $310(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $375(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • HT-20KV              $310(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $375(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • HT-25KV              $310(3-5days) + $120(24hrs) + $375(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
  • GF
    • Any GF                $210(3-5days) +$120(24hrs) +$350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
  • GFM
    • Any GFM            $310(3-5days) +$120(24hrs) +$350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
  • CDT
    • CDT-240             $310(3-5days) +$120(24hrs) +$350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
  • CBX
    • CBX                     $150(3-5days) +$120(24hrs) +$350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
  • Mega Pulse
    • MP up to 10KV   $590(10days) + $295(2-3days) + $350(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • MP 1.2×50-12     $650(10days) + $295(2-3days) + $400(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
    • Any PV Tester     $825(10days) + $295(2-3days) + $450(CAL ISO 17025 +2wks)
  • For Expedite service please call in advance to assign the RMA number and confirm the model (if it’s a custom tester confirm the calibration time).
  • Calibration charges for hipot testers requiring three phase mains power are $500.

Repair services and prices:

             We offer diagnostic service fee for all of our models.

  • $150 for Function Tester and Leakage Current Box.
  • $210 for Hipot Tester, Ground Bound and Capacitor Discharge Tester.
  • $295 for MegaPulse Tester.The entire diagnostic service charge is applicable to the repair charge of the tester.
  • A repair estimate is provided to the customer under the diagnosis fee.
  • Note: An RMA number is required for calibration and repairs. For more info on Product Warranties & Repairs click here.

To obtain our calibration/repair service:

  • Please contact our sales department for an RMA at (800) 748-6224, send us your information, or email us directly at
  • Include all cables if possible, so we can check their function during the repair or calibration.
  • Package your tester securely and tightly. Shipper regulations require 3 inches of packing material surrounding the product.
  • Ship to the address below. Please note the RMA number on the outside of the shipping container.
  • For information on packaging and shipping items click here.
  • Normally minor repairs are completed in three days. If you have a schedule, please let us know. We will ship the product back to you the same way you sent it to us. If you would like us to use your shipper number for return freight, please let us know.
  • If you would like to pay by Credit Card please include your phone number and we will contact you. If you have credit terms already, we will send you an invoice by regular mail and/or email.

Send pre-authorized returns to:

Compliance West USA . Return Dept.
650 Gateway Center Way Suite D
San Diego, CA 92102 USA

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