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Product Manuals

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Hipot Testers
HT-PR Hipot Tester 0-2000 VAC, 0-2800 VDC Manual
HT-2000P 0-2000VAC precision Owner’s Manual
HT-2800P 0-2800VDC precision Owner’s Manual
HT-3000P 0-2000VAC 0-2800VDC precision Owner’s Manual
HT-5000P 0-5000VAC 0-6000VDC precision Owner’s Manual
HT-10000P ac/dc 0-10000VAC 0-14000VDC precision Owner’s Manual
HT-20KVP AC 0-20000 VAC precision Owner’s Manual
HT-10KVACDC 0-10000 VAC 0-14000 VDC
HT-10KVAC 0-10000 VAC
HT-10KVDC 0-14000 VDC
High Current and other Specialty Testers
HT- 3000P-1A Hipot tester
HT- 5000Pac-200mA Hipot tester
HT- 3kVAC, Leakage Current up to 1A
HT-3KVdc 0-3000 Volts DC Output Current up to 500 mA
HT-5000Vac 0-5000 Volts AC Output 200 mA
HT-5000_0-5000V AC Output 20 mA_
HT-10000 0-10000VAC Output 25mA Leakage Option
Discontinued Hipot Testers
HT-2000_0-2000 Volts AC Output
HT-2800_0-2800 Volts DC Output
HT-3000_0-2000V AC_Output 0-2800V DC Output
HT-5000_0-5000V AC Output 0-7200V DC Output
HT-20KVac_0-20000 Volts AC Output
HT-25kVdc_0-25000 Volts DC Output
Special Options Manuals
TestMinder HT Software operating instructions
TestLink Connection and Operation Instructions
TestMider AC connection
Megapulse 1.2×50-8PKV PV Testing Connection
Ground Bond Testers
GF-30AC-T Ground Circuit Tester
GF-30AC Ground Circuit Tester
GF-25AC Ground Circuit Tester
GFM-200AC Ground Circuit Tester
GF-40AC Ground Circuit Tester_rev_1.1.pdf
GFM-30AC Ground Circuit Tester_rev_3.2.PDF
GFM-40AC Ground Circuit Tester_rev_ 1.1.pdf
NEW Megapulse D5-P:2011 V2
Megapulse Defib-5P
Megapulse 10×700-7P
Megapulse 1.2×50-7P
Megapulse 1.2×50-12P
Megapulse Biphasic P EN45502-1
Megapulse Biphasic P EN45502-2-2
Megapulse Defib Surge P 380
Megapulse DF-80P
Megapulse DF-1P Isolation
Megapulse DF-1P Current Carrying
Megapulse Defib-5
Megapulse Defib Surge P
Megapulse Defib Surge
Megapulse DF-1 Isolation
Megapulse DF-1 Current
Megapulse 10×700-2..5
Megapulse 10×700-7
Megapulse 1.2×50-2.5
Megapulse 1.2×50-7200
Megapulse 1.2×50-12kV
Megapulse 746E
Megapulse 1786
Megapulse Antenna Surge
Megapulse Defib Low Energy
Megapulse 1.2×50-8 PV
Megapulse 10x1000s-1
Megapulse 10x360s-1
Megapulse 2x10s-2.5
Megapulse DF-80 DSW
Megapulse Capacitor Series A
Megapulse Capacitor Series B
Fast Charge Option (IEC 335)_1.0.pdf
MegaPulse series Capacitor Impulse Tester_2.25 (CE Manual).pdf
Megapulse waveform info.pdf
Megapulse_2.3 CE Manual.PDF
Megapulse_2.24 (CE Manual).pdf
TestMinder MPV1dot2.pdf
Tektronix P6015 Oscilloscope Probe Manual
Big L.E.D.
Giant display 4 inch Process V1.5
PT-600 1.2 (Alcatel 3rd Ed)no schem or wiring.pdf
PT-600 Installation 1.2.pdf
PT-600 UL specifications.pdf
TestMinder PT-600.pdf
Hipot/Continuity Tester Model PLEP01.pdf
Function Testers
HTT-1R.Function Tester
HTT-1.Function Tester
LCT-601 NFPA 99 Leakage Current Tester.
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