1.2x50-5PF 500 0.5J:

SKU: 00-MP1.2x50-5PF 500 0.5J

Surge Tester
1.2×50-5 Voltage Waveform 2000-5000V, 500 ohm, 0.5J

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The MegaPulse 1.2×50-5PF 500Ω 0.5J waveform is designed in accordance with IEEE 1613, Figure 1 and Para. 6.3.2 to test Communications Networking Devices in Electric Power Substations. Specifically, it is used to test autodialers, bridges, ethernet hubs, firewalls, modems, power apparatus, routers and switches for this use. The test is to be conducted once by the user on new devices, and can also be conducted at 3750V peak (75%) at the point of use to determine usability during the life of the equipment.
The waveform is in tolerance with the requirements of IEEE 1613, Figure 1 at 5000V peak output and has an output impedance of 500 ohms (before connection of the DUT). The energy delivered to the source is 0.5J. The MegaPulse’s front panel meter reads the peak output voltage.


• Digital output voltage knob on the front panel.
• Integrated High Voltage on hold circuit.
• External interlock disables HV output and defeats test when circuit is open.
• Microcontroller technologies.
• Front panel indicates internal HV and polarity.
• Polarity button selector on the front panel
• Up to 5kV output.
• Optional USB TestMinder, computer control with auto-trigger.
• Leads, manual and calibration certificate included.
• One year calibration cycle
• One year warranty.


Output Peak Voltage at 5000V: 5000V ±3%.
Open Circuit Rise Time: 1.14us, ±30% (Trise=1.67*(T90%-T30%) per IEC 1180.
Open Circuit Duration Time: 56.69us, ±20% (Time to half-value) per IEC 1180.
Virtual Impedance: 500Ω.
Energy: 0.5J at 5000V only.
Current Waveform: Not defined.
Voltage Control: Manually, by turning a knob in the front panel or via USB.
Polarity Control: Positive and Negative. Alternating control available with USB.
Voltage Display: 4 Digit LED Display.
Voltage Meter resolution: 5V.
Voltage Meter Accuracy: ±1%.
Duty Cycle: 12pulses per min. with 5s between pulses, then 45s rest.
Charge Time: <5s (2s min.)

Line Voltage: 120V AC, 50/60Hz. Optional 100, 110, 220, 230 and 240V.

Safety Interlock 2-pin terminal block on rear panel; shorted for operation.

OUTPUT: High Voltage insulated socket.
RETURN: High Voltage insulated socket.

TESTMNINDER: DB9 Female (Optional).
SAFETY INTERLOCK: 2-pin Terminal Block.
Inlet Module: Inlet module with fuse and power switch combination.