MegaPulse 1.2x50-5 500ohm 0.5J:


Surge Tester 1.2×50-5 500ohm 0.5J

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The MegaPulse 1.2×50-5 500Ω 0.5J waveform is designed in accordance with IEEE 1613, Figure 1 and Para. 6.3.2 to test Communications Networking Devices in Electric Power Substations. Specifically, it is used to test autodialers, bridges, ethernet hubs, firewalls, modems, power apparatus, routers and switches for this use. The test is to be conducted once by the user on new devices, and can also be conducted at 3750V peak (75%) at the point of use to determine usability during the life of the equipment.
The waveform is in tolerance with the requirements of IEEE 1613, Figure 1 at 5000V peak output and has an output impedance of 500 ohms (before connection of the DUT). The energy delivered to the source is 0.5J. The MegaPulse’s front panel meter reads the peak output voltage.


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