MegaPulse, Combo Tester, 7kV 5Ω, for powered testing, CDN not in:


Surge Tester 1.2×50/8x20P-7 5ohm

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7kV output to perform in accordance with the requirements of EN61000-4-5, Para. 6.1.1, except for the amount of current
delivered. The virtual impedance is 5 ohms, and with the exception of the tester virtual impedance and the amount of current
delivered, the outputs are in accordance with the requirements of EN 61000-4-5 Table 2.
The tester will charge within one minute in accordance with the maximum repetition rate specified in EN 61000-4-5. When used for power line testing with a CDN, our
phase control circuit allows injection of the pulse in a range between 0º and 360º relative to the phase angle of the AC voltage
powering the equipment under test, with an insertion tolerance of ±10%.
In tolerance to 500V.  Floating outputs allow use of a CDN for powered testing (not included).
For automated multi-pulse testing, use our MegaPulse TestMinder option, which allows automated multiple pulse testing, controlled
by a PC. The MegaPulse 1.2×50/8x20P-7 5 ohm ships with cables, graphs of theoretical and actual waveforms, and a Calibration
Certificate. One year warranty. One year calibration cycle.