968-B Power Line:

SKU: 00-MP968-B PWR L

2x10s 2500V 1000A waveform; requires CDN


Mains Voltage (leave blank for 120V)


968-B Power Line 2x10s 2500V 1000A waveform; requires CDN
2x10s 2500V 1000A waveform; requires CDN $8,300.00

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Designed to generate the surge test described in Clause 68.302(d) Power Line Surge. Output voltage is 2500 volts minimum, peak short circuit current is 1000 amperes minimum. A switch is provided for reversal of output polarity. Optional divider network available for oscilloscope connection. This MegaPulse tester has isolated outputs; that is, no ground reference.

The waveform generated is 2×10/2×10, Vp=2500V. To test, the front panel meter is set to 2500V.

A coupling/decoupling network is required to provide isolation between the DUT, the MegaPulse Power Line and the mains power when the pulse is applied. We can supply our CDN 240/15, built to the requirements of EN61000-4-5 and for use on single phase circuits up to 240Vac and up to 15 amps.