Surge Tester 1.2x50/8x20-7-1 2/12

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MegaPulse Combination Tester 7kV, UL 1449 Testing:
Surge Tester 1.2x50/8x20-7-1 2/12

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The MegaPulse 1.2x50/8x20-7-1 2/12 ohm is our 7kV, 3.5kA combination tester, with a 30 second cycle time. It can produce a combination test waveform at 2 ohms from 500V to 7kV, in tolerance with EN 60060; allowing testing to UL 1449, among others.

The MegaPulse 1.2x50/8x20-7-1 2/12 ohm Surge Tester is specifically designed to perform the Impulse Test on transient overvoltage limiting devices in accordance with UL 1449, Section 34; and EN 61010, Para. 14.9, Table 17 and Table 18; and others requiring a Combination Surge Test in accordance with IEC 61000-4-5, with peak voltages no higher than 7kV. This tester can perform the tests shown in Table 17 (up to 7kV) at either 2 or 12 ohms as shown in Table 18. The output is in accordance with the published waveform from 500-12000V peak (open and short circuit). The tester features ungrounded (floating) outputs, and is therefore suitable for use with a CDN for powered testing.  The tests can be done with a 30 second or longer wait between pulses, well within the Standard requirement of 1 minute or less. A 12 ohm tap is provided for testing Category II devices in accordance with Table 18, in accordance with the Standard. The 12 ohm tap will be in accordance with the tolerances of the voltage waveform only, as allowed by the Standard.

The MegaPulse 1.2x50/8x20-7 2/12 ohm is equipped with a relay allowing switch selected polarity output. Users may opt for computer control via our option TestMinder MegaPulse, or PLC guided operation with our Relay Isolated Control board. 

Automated Impedance Switching between 2 and 12 Ω is available.  TestMinder MegaPulse must be ordered as well.

The tester charges in less than 30 seconds. Sold with a one year warranty and calibrated to NIST Standards. A2LA Cal available at extra charge. 

Datasheet, Waveforms and Manual are shown for our 12kV Combination Tester, which is identical to the MegaPulse 1.2x50/8x20-7-1 2/12 ohm, except for physical size and maximum voltage.  Waveforms may be viewed in the Manuals section, below.  

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  • Outputs a combination waveform at 500 - 7kV, 2 ohms.
  • Front panel switch allows waveform reversal.
  • Ungrounded (floating) outputs allow powered testing with a CDN.
  • 30 second pulse repeat rate.
  • 12 ohm tap provided, in accordance with EN60060 (voltage waveform only).
  • Can be controlled from PLC or LabView with Option RI.
  • Outputs up to 7000V peak.
  • Virtual Impedance of 2/12 ohms.
  • Available TestMinder for computer control of long test sequences (32 bit Windows required).
  • ANSI Calibration good for one year included, A2LA/17025 Calibration optional.
  • 1 year warranty.


Datasheet above has information on our 12kV Combination Tester, which is identical except for size and maximum output voltage/current.
Datasheet above has information on our 12kV Combination Tester, which is identical except for size and maximum output voltage/current.


Download Manual
MegaPulse 1.2x50-8x20-12-2ohm.pdf Download Manual
Waveforms/1.2x50-8x20-12 2-12 waveforms.pdf Download Manual
Download Manual

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