Implantable Test 1:


Implantable Surge Tester Damped Sinus 140-380V

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Outputs the damped sinus pulse described in Test 1 of EN45502-2-2, EN45502-1, ISO14117-1 and ISO14708-1; with a Tp of 1.5 – 2.5ms; and a Tw50 of 3 – 5.5ms when discharged into the resistor network, all resistor networks are supplied.

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The MegaPulse Implantable Test 1 outputs the damped sinus pulse used to defib-proof test implantable medical devices.  Resistor networks described in the Standard Tests are included internally.  The MegaPulse Implantable Test 1 can recharge and trigger the next pulse in 20 seconds, in accordance with the Standards.  Positive and negative polarity are selected with a front panel switch, or via optional computer control.  The computer control can conduct the test sequence shown in the Standard.

The tests are described in the following Standards:

  1. EN 45502-1:2015, clause 20.1, Test 1, Figures 1, 2 and 3; 140V peak.
  2. ISO 14117:2012, clause 6.2.2, Test 1; Figures 45 and 46; 380V peak.
  3. ISO14708-1:2014, Part 1; 140V peak.
  4. EN 45502-2-2:2008, clause 20.2; 380V peak.
  5. EN 45502-2-1:2003, 140V peak.
  6. EN 45502-2-2-3:2010, 140V peak.

Please click here to view an Excel file showing which tests are required in the various Standards.

A Compliance West surge Tester. That means it outputs a guaranteed waveform but won’t break the bank. The tester outputs the waveform it is supposed to, time after time. Built in the USA. Email and phone support free for life. Reasonable repair and calibration charges. Timely and helpful customer service always.

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• Biphasic and Monophasic, 140V and 380 peak test voltages in accordance with standard requirements.
• The front panel meter indicates test peak open circuit voltage and polarity.
• Polarity button selector on the front panel.
• External interlock disables HV output and defeats test when circuit is open.
• Microcontroller technologies.
• Optional USB TestMinder computer control with auto-trigger via USB.
• Leads, manual and calibration certificate included.
• One year calibration cycle.
• One year warranty.


Output Voltage (Vtest): 140/380V +5%, -0%
Pulse Duration: 3ms ≤ Tw50 ≤5.5ms
Rise Time: 1.5ms ≤ tp ≤ 2.5ms
Voltage Control: Manually, by turning a knob in the front panel or via USB.
Polarity Control: Positive and Negative. Alternating control available with USB.
Voltage Display: 4 Digit LED Display.
Voltage Meter Accuracy: ±4V.
Duty Cycle: 20s between pulses (see figure 2).

Line Voltage: 120V AC, 50/60Hz. Other Voltage Available.

Safety Interlock 2-pin terminal block on rear panel; shorted for operation.