MegaPulse 1.2x50-12PF 12:

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Surge Tester 1.2×50-12PF 12 ohm, 400-12kV, 3 sec charge time, 12 ohm virtual impedance

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MegaPulse 1.2×50-12P 12 ohm, 400-12kV, 3 sec charge time, 12 ohm virtual impedance.  In accordance with the requirements in IEC 1180-1 Section 6.2; and other Standards by reference.  It is acceptable for use with unpowered samples rerquiring a 12 ohm impedance, with no current waveform defined.  This tester is in accordance with the measurement requirements of CTL DSH 251B.

The switch is our IER model.

The meter shows the peak of the output waveform into an open circuit.  Impedance of the device being tested will attenuate this peak value.  Pulse delivery one per minute for pulses above 6kV; two per minute for pulses below 6kV.

Please see Manuals Section below to view waveforms.

This tester can be provided with Option 950-12, which allows testing to IEC 60950 Annex N/IEC 62368-1 Annex D; Line 2. 

For automated pulse delivery, please order Option TMM, TestMinder MegaPulse P.