968-B Telephone Type B:

SKU: 00-MP968-B TEL B

9×720 / 5×320, 1500V peak, 40Ω; 37.5A peak.


Mains Voltage (leave blank for 120V)


968-B Telephone Type B 9x720 / 5x320
9x720 / 5x320, 1500V peak, 40Ω; 37.5A peak. $7,070.00

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Surge Testers built to test to the requirements of TIA-968-A, Sec. 4.2.3, Telephone Line Surge, Type B. The surge has an open circuit voltage waveform with a front time of 9uSec and decay time of 720uSec and a short circuit current waveform with a front time of 5uSec and a decay time of 320uSec. The peak output of 1000V / 1500V is set on the front panel meter. The peak short current peak is 25A/37.5A minimum. The polarity is reversible by a front panel switch. Tests L or M are selected by front panel switch as well (not shown). See Actual waveforms in Manual below.

Note:  Options TMM and/or Options 220, 230 0r 240 require Option RE as well.