SKU: 00-HT4200S

Hipot Tester
3000Vac @ 10mA
4200Vdc @ 5mA
Adjustable Ground Continuity
UL Listed!


Hipot Tester, performs the Ground continuity, Leakage and breakdown test.

UL Listed!

Mains Voltage (leave blank for 120V)

Relay Isolated Interface: See manual for details


Hipot Tester <br />3000Vac @ 10mA <br />4200Vdc @ 5mA <br />Adjustable Ground Continuity <br />UL Listed! $1,920.00

Designed & Built in the USA

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The newest product of our Hipot Line Testers, the UL Listed HT-S series hipot now comes with an adjustable ground continuity test in range of 0.08-1.50Ω, and Auto-offset for test leads up to 1.00Ω. Performs 3000Vac or 4200Vdc Hipot Test. Neutral/Hot to Ground Leakage current test up to 10mA AC or 5mA DC. Easy to use and connect. Ships complete with cables, manual, and a Calibration Certificate. Made in the USA. Calibration and repair services available. Not sure – contact us!

NOTE:  This product does not have a NEMA (15A) plug on the front panel.  It is equipped with a high voltage lead and alligator clip only.  Capable of very high voltage (4200V dc).  This product is not intended for regular production line testing; please refer to our HT-2000S, HT-2800S and HT-3000S testers, which are equipped with a NEMA plug for simplified production line testing.


  • High precision leakage current, duration and ground continuity settings.
  • Allows no load setup of leakage current and test dwell times.
  • Once entered, ground continuity setting, leakage current and test dwell times can be referenced on the front panel display when unit is not testing.
  • Leakage currents can be set from 1-20mA AC or 1-5mA DC in 0.1mA increments.
  • Dwell times can be set from 1-60 seconds in 1 second increments.
  • Two tests with one setup. Conducts UL/CSA Ground continuity and Hipot tests with one setup, so no additional equipment is needed.
  • Small and light. 9.25″ wide x 4.75″ high x 10″ deep. 11 lbs. But rugged enough to test manufactured housing.
  • Ground continuity check is defeatable for testing two-wire products.
  • Simple test outcome judgement. Green lights mean pass – red lights mean fail. Failing tests sound a buzzer as well.
  • Ready for your UL Inspector out of the box. NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate to MIL-STD45662-A is included. Cal cert is in accordance with UL guidance.
  • Operation Instructions are printed on the rear panel for easy reference.
  • In-depth testing. Both true Arc Dectection and Leakage Current circuits test the product to find problems.
  • RED lights and a buzzer leave no question if a failure has occurred.
  • Expandable for TUV/European Agency Testing. Can be connected to our GF-30AC-T Ground Bond Tester with optional TEST-LINK™.
  • Easy shift-by-shift Function Test. Compatible with our Patented function checker, the HTT-1and HTT-1R (With 0.1 ohm Ground check Pass/Fail Setup).


Test Type: AC/DC.
Output Voltage: 3000Vac/4200Vdc.
Leakage Current: 1-10mAac/1-5mAdc, 0.1mA increments.

Ground Continuity: 0.08Ω-1.50Ω, 0.01Ω increments, Defeatable.
Ground Cont. Min. Current: 100mA.

Breakdown Detect: Independent High Frequency Circuit (50KHz–500KHz).
Transformer Power: <500VA.
Leakage Current Detect: Independent Low Frequency Circuit.
Ramp Time Range: 1-5 Seconds.
Test Time Range: 1-60 Seconds.
Discharge Time: <7ms for AC, <1.3s for max DC at open circuit.
Display: 4 Digits LED Display.
Voltage Meter Accuracy: ±2%.
Leakage Accuracy: ±0.1mA.
Duty Cycle: 100%.
Pass/Fail Repeatability: ±3%.

Rated Input Voltage: 120Vac.
Frequency: 60Hz.
Fuse: 1A, 250V, time delay, 5x20mm.

Safety Interlock: 2-pin terminal block on rear panel; shorted for operation. (Optional)
Output Voltage Indicator: Front panel meter directly connected to High Voltage.
Failure Indicator: Visual; provided by red LED’s, Audible; provided by buzzer.
Test automatically terminated on failure.

RETURN: 4mm Socket (XEF-1RR), 1000V, CAT IV, 24A, Black.
H.V. OUTPUT: 4mm Socket, 5000V, Red.