Hipot Tester
20KVac @ 5mA
25KVdc @ 5mA


Hipot Tester, performs the leakage and breakdown test.


Hipot Tester <br />20KVac @ 5mA <br />25KVdc @ 5mA $7,590.00

Designed & Built in the USA

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HT-20KVP ACDC Hipot Tester, outputs up to 20KVac @ 5mA, and 25KVdc @ 5mA. Ships complete with cables, manual, and Calibration Certificate. Made in the USA. Calibration and Repair services available. Not sure – contact us!


  • AC output up to 20,000V
  • DC output up to 25,000V
  • Leakage current up to 5.0mA.
  • Microcontroller technologies, one button test, easy to setup, LED’s indicates test in progress. Upon failures buzzer sounds and testing is terminated.
  • Output voltage, Leakage current and test duration are controlled in the front panel.
  • Test timer is defeatable.
  • AC HV connector output with a quarter turn twist lock.
  • Designed for product development and laboratory use.
  • One year calibration cycle.


Test Type: AC/DC.
Max. Output Voltage: 20,000Vac / 25,000Vdc.
AC Leakage Current: 5mA @ Continuous duty, 12.5mA @ 25% duty, 0.1mA increments.
DC Leakage Current: 1-5mAdc; below 15kVdc, 1mA above 15kVdc, 0.1mA increments.
Breakdown Detect: Independent High Frequency Circuit (50KHz–500KHz).
Transformer Power: <500VA.
Leakage Current Detect: Independent Low Frequency Circuit.
Ramp Time Range: 1-5 Seconds.
Test Time Range: 1-60 Seconds.
Display: 4 Digits LED Display.
Voltage Meter Accuracy: ± 0.1KVac full scale / ± 0.2KVdc full scale.
Leakage Accuracy: ±0.1mA full scale.
Duty Cycle: 100%; Continuous. 25%; 5 min ON, 15 min OFF
Pass/Fail Repeatability: ±3%

Rated Input Voltage: 120Vac. 220,230V optional
Frequency: 60Hz.
Fuse: 2A, 250V, time delay, 5x20mm.

Safety Interlock: 2-pin terminal block on rear panel; shorted for operation. (Optional)
Output Voltage Indicator: Front panel meter directly connected to High Voltage.
Failure Indicator: Visual; provided by red LED’s, Audible; provided by buzzer.
Test automatically terminated on failure.

HV: High Voltage output with quarter turn lock.
RETURN: 4mm Socket (XEF-1RR), 1000V, CAT IV, 24A, Black.