SKU: 00-HTT-1R

Function Tester
Ground (Pass 0.025, Fail 0.1Ω)
Arcover 750V ± 400V
Leakage (Available options)


Function Tester <br />Ground (Pass 0.025, Fail 0.1Ω) <br />Arcover 750V ± 400V <br />Leakage (Available options) $490.00

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  • 1-Year Warranty
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The HTT-1R provides a fast, safe and reliable way to verify proper operation of Dielectric Withstand (hipot) and Ground Continuity/Ground Bond Testers between calibration cycles, in accordance with requirements of TUV and other European agencies.  It uses actual loads to simulate barely passing and barely failing results to exercise the tester(s), and is designed to be used as a verification test fixture in compliance with the requirements for shift by shift verification stated in ECS CIG-023 Inspection Report, Section 4. See the Manuals Section below for an example of the CIG-023 Inspection Report.

It allows the operator to check the result of the three failure modes encountered in production hipot and ground circuit testing (open ground, high leakage current, and dielectric breakdown) separately or in any combination to verify proper test equipment operation. A passing test is also simulated.

The test leads allows connection of the HTT-1R to any hipot tester using a standard NEMA 15A receptacle, or use the leads on the hipot and ground tester to connect directly to the HTT-1R. The manual contains anticipated results and suggests testing procedures. The maximum voltage the HTT-1R can test is 3000Vac/4200Vdc.

The HTT-1R Family has ranges suitable for many scenarios, you can also contact us for custom values.


  • The HTT-1R Loma simulates the following failures:
  • Ground Continuity Chassis to Ground (0.01Ω), and/or
  • High Leakage Line to Ground (2.088MΩ), and/or
  • Dielectric Withstand Failure (Arc View window displays an arc at 750Vac ± 400V).
  • The HTT-1R can also be set to simulate passing tests:
  • Ground Continuity Chassis to Ground (0.025Ω), and/or
  • Normal Leakage Line to Ground (4.232MΩ), and /or
  • Dielectric Withstand OK (up to 3000 volts)
  • Arc Testing is at 750 ± 400Vac. Results visible through Front Panel Window.
  • Works with any manufacturer’s Dielectric Withstand or Ground Continuity Tester. The HTT-1R simulates the failures and your tester should return results consistent with the switch settings on the front panel of the HTT-1R
  • The HTT-1R is a passive device. No batteries or power is required.
  • Verifies proper operation of your equipment in less than a minute.
  • Portable.
  • Light weight.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Saves time.
  • For testing of Ground Bond Testers up to 30A..
  • 1 year warranty.


For more Specifications, see Datasheet Link, above.
Max Current capability of Ground Test circuit 30A
Setting of PASS for Leakage Current LomA 4.232MΩ, MedmA 848kΩ, HimA 424kΩ, ExmA 220kΩ
Setting of FAIL for Leakage Current LomA 2.088MΩ, MedmA 424kΩ, HimA 200kΩ, ExmA 120kΩ
Max Voltage capability of Hipot Test Circuit 3000Vac / 4200Vdc
Setting of PASS for Ground Circuit 0.025Ω
Setting of FAIL for Ground Circuit 0.1Ω
Setting of Arc Detection Circuit Arc-over at 750V +/- 400Vac / 1050V +/- 560Vdc
Operation Temp 15 – 40 C
Relative Humidity Range 0-90% non-condensing
Dimms 5.3″(W) x 6.8″(H) x 2.3″(D)
Wt 2lbs