MegaPulse 746EP:

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Surge Tester 746E P, Includes Isolation Transformer of 500VA

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UL 746E Section 19 covers requirements for conformal coatings used instead of electrical spacings to increase the dielectric withstand voltage between traces on a printed-wiring board. Paragraph 19.3 outlines a Voltage transient test to be applied to a specific test pattern allows testing to determine spacings. The Surge Generator circuit is specified in UL 746E, Figure 19.2 is contained in the MegaPulse 746E. One press of the MegaPulse 746E TRIGGER button conducts the test suite as described in UL 746E, Para. 19.3.  See the schematic in the Datasheet section on this page.

Note: Voltages 400V and over are certified to be in accordance with the tolerances of IEC 1180-1, Para. 6.2.2.

Provided with external interlock control. In addition, for automated testing, the MegaPulse 746E is available with TestMinder, our computer control and test reporting option.  Use with a 32 bit Windows computer.

Provided with NIST Calibration Certificate good for one year.  A2LA Calibration available.