MegaPulse DF-1A.2:

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Surge Tester DF-1 Fig. A.2 (and DF-4 Fig. C.2) waveform with truncation, USB TestMinder Surge Tester and IGBT switch.

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The DF-1P Isolation surge Tester is designed to generate the waveform described in AAMI DF-1, Figure A.2., for the Lead Connector electrical isolation test in AAMI DF-1, Annex A; and DF-4 Fig. C.2.

The test can be set to automatically conduct the first 490 cycles (500 ± 50 as shown in Standard) of the test, and then stop testing to allow laboratory personnel monitor the last 10 cycles in accordance with the Standard. Voltage and current BNC outputs make waveform analysis convenient.

For an example, please take a look at the output voltage and current waveforms of a simulated test in the Manuals section below. (Please note that these tests were conducted at 1300 Volts instead of the required 1500 volts. The MegaPulse DF-1P is capable of a pulse output of up to 1500 volts, optionally 2500 volts.)

TestMinder USB control is included to allow automated repetitive testing.

The test signal includes the waveform cutoff at 750V/18msec as shown in AAMI DF-1 Figure A.2 and AAMI DF-4 Figure C.2. Please see the Standard Figure A.2, and the actual output of the MegaPulse DF-1P Isolation Tester. (The waveforms in AAMI DF-1 Figure A.2 and AAMI DF-4 Figure C.2 are identical.)

A front-panel switch reverses the output polarity. Additionally provided with BNC oscilloscope output for voltage (100:1) and current (1V/A) for output monitoring.

The waveform output is 1.05uSec rise time, with a 18mS duration, with an output impedance of 500 ohms.

MegaPulse DF-1P Current carrying Tester ships complete, ready to perform the DF-1 test:

  • TestMinder included to conduct automated repetitive testing using a Windows 32/64 bit Operating System
  • BNC Current Jack (1V/ma)
  • BNC Voltage jack (100:1)
  • Cables
  • Graphs of theoretical and actual waveforms
  • Calibration Certificate
  • One-year warranty