MegaPulse Biphasic PF 360J:

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Surge Tester Biphasic PF 360J

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The MegaPulse 360J can be used to test products in research and production environments. The biphasic output pulse mimics the newest defibrillator output standard but allows more repeatability and faster pulsing than a defibrillator would.

The output is stable and provides the required 360J power in a production test or continuous test environment. The available autotrigger control provides very repeatable outputs which makes testing results more meaningful.

The MegaPulse 360J is used to prove any part which would be subjected to defibrillator pulses.

The biphasic output reversal timing can be configured at the factory for any timing desired within the pulse. Output power is also configurable upon request.

Output voltage is approximately 2kV, with slight variances to meet the 360J power requirement. Output may be as high as 2040V in order to provide the power required.

With the available 00-MPH Monophasic waveform option, the MegaPulse 360J can also output the truncated isolation waveform of AAMI DF-1, Figure A.2 for additional testing of defibrillator leads.

May be configured with TestMinder P (optional).

Waveforms are available for review in the Manuals section, below.

WIth the configurable T1 and T2, and the monophasic option, this tester is very customizable.  Please call or write with any questions or thoughts.