MegaPulse Remote Control 01:

SKU: 00-MP-RC-01

MegaPulse Remote Control


MegaPulse Remote Control
MegaPulse Remote Control $680.00

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Wired Remote Control for MegaPulse testers.

The Remote Control allows the operator to control the basic operation of the tester from up to 20ft of distance with the basic cable configuration.  Polarity, Charge, Trigger and E-Stop buttons in a modern compact box. E-Stop is connected directly to the tester interlock port.

Applicable for all the Remote Control ready testers.


  • MegaPulse Remote Control (00-MP-RC-01):
  • Allows long distance control of the tester.
  • Improves user safety by creating a separation of up to 20ft with the device under test.
  • User can control Polarity, Charge, Trigger and E-Stop.


– Polarity
– Charge
– Trigger
– E-Stop