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PT-600 Mini

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The Mini PT-600 is designed to perform the 60 Hz power line cross test/AC power fault tests required in GR 1089 issue 6 table 4.5 surge test 3,4, 4.3,and 6, and for UL 1950 section 6.4 paragraph 3 and 4.. Preset and Adjustable Time Settings Measuring Terminals including Voltage Sense and Current Shunt portals provide a safe location for users to accurately measure test voltages and output current while setting up tests. Calibration of the Mini_PT-600 is designed to be performed with a simple handheld multi-meter and the removable Currents Shunts can be easily sent to a calibration laboratory if required. Computer controlled operation is available with the TestMinder PT option. input power requirement: 208 @ 50-60 Hz, 25 A.


  • The PT-600 can conduct power cross tests specified by UL 1950/60950 and Bellcore/Telcordia GR1089, as well as the High Impedance Inductive Source Test specified in GR-1089. Some options may be required.
  • Optional tests include the ITU-T Power Induction and Earth Potential Rise tests
  • Areas of use are (1) Line Cross Power Test (2) First Level AC Fault Test, (3) 600Vac 2 ohm Test per GR1089 Second Ed., Clause 4.5.11, (4) High-Impedance Inductive Source Test, and (5) ITU-T Power Induction and Earth Potential Rise (with correct options).
  • Equipped with an E-Stop button on the front panel, and external interlock terminal, for user safety. All outputs are covered by an interlocked door to avoid operator contact with live outputs.
  • Optional fuse monitoring can speed testing.
  • Outputs can include up to 600V, 10 Ohm impedance (60A), by two channels for 5 seconds max. and 600V 2 ohms (with line simulator fuse).
  • Continuously variable 0-600V, 90-13.6Kohm continuous duty outputs for setting output just under the protection limit.
  • TestMinder PT is standard and allows automatic test management for multiple tests at same output. Tests can also be conducted from the front panel of the PT-600.
  • Adjustable time settings are available for programming from the front panel for special test durations.
  • Custom outputs and configurations are available. Contact factory.