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Additional Infomation: MegaPulse D5-PF

Output polarity is reversible with a front panel button.

For the ultimate in pulse delivery we are proud to offer an optional Gigavac Gas Filled relay in place of our standard mechanical relay. Order option GVAC. We have found that the pulse delivery using Option GVAC is markedly cleaner for the 2kV test required by IEC 60601-2-2. If testing to this Standard is anticipated, we recommend ordering this option. We believe the pulse delivery at 5kV is acceptable without the GVAC option.

The Joules dissipated in the internal 100Ω resistor is displayed on the Front Panel display after a test has been conducted. To use the internal Joules calculation, the load is connected to the Front Panel jacks labeled 400Ω, and the capacitor and resistor jumpers are both disconnected to apply the 25mH inductor and 11Ω resistor in accordance with the Standard. The Joules result is displayed after the test is conducted, and can be displayed until the next pulse is delivered by pressing the Energy Measurement button.

A port for energy calculation using an outside instrument to determine the Joules output is supplied on the rear panel, and when the test is conducted, the joules consumed by the device under test is displayed on the front panel of the outside instrument. The rear port may not be connected for any other reason, as the D5-PF may be damaged. For more information on this feature, please see information below on use of the Fluke 7000 with the D5-PF.

A further note on Energy Measurement Calculation: If the energy calculations are to be accurate, the impedance of the resistor bank must remain stable throughout the pulse and from pulse to pulse during the testing cycle. We have designed our resistor bank to be stable; see the plots of resistance over time in the Manuals Section below. If the duty cycle of the D5- PFis kept to one pulse every 12 seconds continuous, we keep the resistance within 5% of the stated value at all times. This is important because IEC 60601-1 requires a 5% tolerance for the resistor bank; any excursion outside that envelope will invalidate the test. In the case of IEC 60601-2-25 and -2-27:2011, the pulse must be within 1% of the stated value. With a 20 second duty cycle as required by these Standards, we keep the tolerance to 1% for 70 pulses. This is important because any pulse excursion outside the specified tolerance envelope will invalidate the test.

The Defib-5P provided with differential BNC oscilloscope outputs measuring the error signal at Y1-Y2, and inputs for a signal generator in accordance with the following Standard requirements.

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