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Originally founded as a product safety consulting firm in 1983, Compliance West USA, Inc.is a leading provider and manufacturer of state-of-the-art Hipot and Ground Continuity test equipment for production line and laboratory product safety testing. In November of 1997, the product safety consulting portion of the business was sold to NEMKO and Compliance West USA concentrated on providing custom and production test equipment to manufacturers and laboratories worldwide. Agencies such as UL, CE, TUV and NEMKO rely on our products to provide testing to product safety standards for their clients.

"Compliance West USA, Inc.specializes in the manufacture of state-of-the-art Hipot and Ground Continuity test equipment for production line and laboratory product safety testing."

We design and manufacture all of our products in the USA, always with the end user in mind. Our extensive knowledge in electronic device testing standards, compliance and regulatory issues continually sets us apart as a robust and reliable solution for our customers, which include a range of Fortune 500 companies and smaller design engineering firms/laboratory teams.

Today, Compliance West is a trusted resource for production hipot, ground bond and surge test equipment, and our firmware capabilities can fulfill an array of custom uses for our customers in Medical Device and Technology, Telecom, Computer Technology and Solar industries. We have designed our product line to cover most applications from automated and semi-automated testing to laboratory/diagnostics, and we continue to develop products to meet the testing demands of an ever-changing compliance world. Compliance West USA has been able to succeed because of our continued commitment to cutting edge technology and customer service.

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Product Update Bulletin

Newest Product: HT-3500S RF, "ruggedized" hipot tester

The HT-3500S RF tester is specifically designed for the challenges common to operating in the field. Along with heavy duty internal brackets and a sturdy, shock-absorbing case, this unit includes adjustable voltage output, voltage ramp, test time, leakage current and ground continuity limit settings - all controlled from an easy-to-access front panel. Call for pricing.

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Available: 16A option for CDT-240

Perform one of the most difficult tests required with both speed and accuracy. The CDT-240 now offers a 16A option along with designed presets to implement the plug discharge test as described in IEC 61010, 60065 and 60335.

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MegaPulse Defib 5P reaches EOL - Replaced by D5-PF

Compliance West USA is announcing the EOL (End-of-LIfe) of our MegaPulse Defib 5P series effective 07/14/2015. This unit has been replaced by our MegaPulse D5-PF advanced tester. Compliance West will continue to support, repair and calibrate the Defib 5P throughout the terms of any existing warranty agreements or up until the product's End-of-Support date. Please contact us with any questions.

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