968-B Telephone Metallic Type A:
968-B Telephone Metallic Type A 10x560 symmetric pulse 800Vpeak

  • $7,070.00

Designed to generate the surge test described in Clause 68.302B Telephone Line Surge - Type A - (1) Metallic, Note (b)(1). Output voltage 800 volts minimum, peak short circuit current is 100A minimum. A switch is provided for reversal of output polarity.

Waveform generated is 10x560/10/560, Vp= 800V. To test, the front panel voltage meter is set to 800V.

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  • Generates the waveforms required by TIA/EIA-IS-968 (formerly known as FCC Part 68), Paragraph 68.302, for testing of Unpackaged Registered Terminal Equipment and Registered Protective Circuitry.
  • Designed with operator safety in mind: Set up the EUT to the right and behind the tester, and a right-handed operator will find himself standing to the left of the tester, allowing maximum separation.
  • Theoretical graphs and actual graphs showing the output of your tester are included with each MegaPulse within the 968 Series, allowing checks and proof of test setups.
  • Reverse polarity waveforms available by pushing a button on the front panel. No need to change the test setup. Positive polarity indication minimizes errors.
  • Front panel voltage meter shows residual voltage in charging circuit for safer operation.
  • 1-year calibration cycle.
  • All test leads included.
  • 1 year warranty.


For Specifications, please see Datasheet above.
For Specifications, please see Datasheet above.


Download Manual
MegaPulse 968-B Metallic A Rev 0.pdf Download Manual
Waveforms/Telephone_Metallic_Type_A_Vdur_800_actual.pdf Download Manual
Waveforms/Telephone_Metallic_Type_A_Vrise_800_actual.pdf Download Manual
Waveforms/Telephone_Metallic_Type_A_Idur_800_actual.pdf Download Manual
Waveforms/Telephone_Metallic_Type_A_Irise_800_actual.pdf Download Manual

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