Surge Tester DF-80PF DSW 12s - Damped Sine Wave Output DF80 App DD, 12s duty cycle.


MegaPulse DF-80PF DSW 12s:
Surge Tester DF-80PF DSW 12s - Damped Sine Wave Output DF80 App DD, 12s duty cycle.

  • $10,425.00

The MegaPulse DF-80PF DSW 12s Surge Tester is designed to conduct the test shown in AAMI DF80, App. DD, Table US.DD.1 and Figure US.DD.1 - Damped sinusoidal waveform parameters. The resulting waveform is in accordance with those requirements. For waveform and tolerance/compliance graphs and information, click here.

The DF-80PF DSW 12s is built with 100Ω Internal impedance (R1) and 10Ω output impedance. If another impedance is desired, please contact us.

Designed with a 12s continuous duty cycle within tolerances and a long life capacitor and a power output of 360J.

Positive and negative pulses can be delivered manually using the front panel buttons, or the pulses can be set to operate under computer control using the TestMinder Megapulse PF option.

Actual output waveforms are available for review in the Manuals section below.

MegaPulse DF-80PF DSW 12s ships with test leads, graphs of theoretical and actual waveforms, and a Calibration Certificate. One-year warranty.

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  • Digital output voltage knob on the front panel.
  • Integrated High Voltage on hold circuit.
  • External interlock disables HV output and defeats test when circuit is open.
  • 12s continuous duty cycle.
  • Long life capacitor rated for 2.5 million pulses.
  • USB TestMinder, computer control available.
  • Integrated energy measurement option available.
  • Auto-trigger via USB.
  • Front panel indicates internal HV and polarity.
  • Polarity button selector on the front panel.
  • Microcontroller technologies.
  • Leads, manual and calibration certificate included.
  • One year calibration cycle
  • One year warranty.


TESTING CIRCUITRY Charge Voltage: 5100V ±1%.
Main Capacitance: 32uF ±5%.
Inductances: 25mH ±5%.
Main Resistance (R1): 100Ω ±1% non-inductive.Other values available per request.
Output Impedance: 10Ω ±1% non-inductive.
Voltage Control: Manually, by turning a knob in the front panel or via USB.
Polarity Control: Positive and Negative. Alternating control available with USB.
Voltage Display: 4 Digit LED Display.
Voltage Meter resolution: 5V.
Voltage Meter Accuracy: ±1%.
Duty Cycle: 12s between pulses, continuous duty.
Line Voltage: 120V AC, 50/60Hz.
220V AC, 230V AC, 240V AC, 50/60Hz available.
Safety Interlock 2-pin terminal block on rear panel shorted for operation.


Download Manual
MegaPulse DF-80PF DSW rev 1.pdf Download Manual
Waveforms/DF-80 PF DSW Waveforms actual.pdf Download Manual
Download Manual

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