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Tektronix P6015 Probe

High Accuracy Oscilloscope Probe

P6015 ImageAny MegaPulse surge test output can be correctly measured with a Tektronix P6015 high voltage probe. Originally this probe was supplied with a Freon dielectric. This dielectric is not included in our used P6015 probes. Without the Freon dielectric the P6015 probe is rated to 13kV from dc to 1MHz. Measurement of any MegaPulse impulse test falls within this range.

The P6015 has been replaced by the Tektronix P6015A which uses a different and more environmentally friendly dielectric but is otherwise identical in construction and specification to the original P6015 probe.

Calibration of the Tektronix P6015 MUST be done whenever it is connected to a different oscilloscope. Calibration consists of trimming capacitors to obtain a perfect square wave; and setting the peak to agree with a known waveform. The calibration procedure is contained in the Tektronix P6015 manual.

If precision evaluation of the waveform or waveform capture for future reference is needed, we can offer a used, guaranteed P6015 oscilloscope probe. Please order option 00-P6015. All waveforms contained in this website as well as all measurements done at Compliance West USA are done with a properly calibrated Tektronix P6015.

P6015 Attachment MethodHere is the method we use to connect the P6015 to circuits. This Mueller 1.56" alligator clip fits snugly over the end of the probe, then we can attach to the circuit easily.